Where could an investor find a 750% return in 2017?

(One of) the only legal way(s):


The digital currency bitcoin is currently valued around $41 billion. Which sounds decent until you consider that there are 1.5 Trillion US dollars in circulation right now. Despite its 750% growth this year, bitcoin is still in its infancy.

Financial pundits are still arguing about the future of bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. Unsurprisingly some claim cryptocurrencies will be a trillion dollar space in the next decade while others, like JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, call bitcoin “stupid”. (That’s economic jargon for “we aren’t sure what to do with this new thing so we’re going to downplay it”. See Steve Ballmer’s comments on the iPhone circa 2003 for more details.)

But this isn’t a white paper on cryptocurrencies. This is a white paper on the underlying technology that enables cryptocurrencies and is likely to enable significant changes in the meat supply chain: blockchain. In this white paper you will find:

  • What problems could blockchain solve for the meat supply chain?
  • What are the advantages & limitations of blockchain? 
  • How is blockchain used today? What is blockchain?