In this white paper you will find:

  • The value in marketing teams’ decisions and thus, the true need for investment in marketing technology in mining
  • 4 decisions involving inputs and purchasing that innovative marketing can help solve
  • 6 decisions around sales, capacity, and product mix that new marketing tools could aid

In the past, VCI's Innovation State of Play Survey of global mining executives has contained a lot of insights on how mining is changing, but one thing stands out: compared to other industries, MARKETING is NOT a focus for mining companies.

While miners’ focus on extraction, supply chain, and processing, it is unlikely to surprise many in the industry. The extent to which this potentially lucrative part of the business has been overlooked should provoke reflection. Cost reductions and increased efficiency in operations are important areas for innovation, but they should not preclude innovation in marketing.

Given the high level of investment in extraction, supply chain optimization and processing, and the low level of investment in marketing innovation and software, executives looking for the highest returns on investment should look for low-hanging fruit in their marketing departments.