The unpredictability of March may be what makes it fun, but it’s also why only 18 people correctly picked the Sweet Sixteen in 2018 out of 18.8 MILLION completed brackets. Some of the same decision fallacies that impact the most insightful basketball fans while filling out their brackets for March Madness also impact individuals responsible for buying and selling commodities that move with volatile markets.

Not only can decision fallacies trip up even the most engaged March Madness fans, they can trip up the most experienced individuals who are buying and selling commodities.

These fallacies that plague even the most experienced and educated industry experts are why more organizations are turning to predictive analytics. Predictive analytics are changing the way sports are managed, coached, recruited, played, and watched.

You may have first noticed this trend with Michael Lewis’ book “Moneyball” about the Oakland Raiders, but the use of predictive analytics across all sports is now pervasive. In this white paper you will find:

  • 3 practical examples of predictive analytics in sports
  • 3 keys to successful analytics initiatives
  • 3 ways that predictive analytics can transform a business that buys or sells commodities