As 2019 rapidly approaches, announcements around digitization initiatives are not lacking. At this point, you are probably on the outside looking in if you haven’t used the word ‘disruptor’ in a press release. But as we reflect on the big changes made by leaders across the food value chain this year, it begs the questions - “What exactly does this digital data disruption really mean?” & "Who are the players leading the charge?"

 The four infographics and insights in this free digi-guide will dive into these murky waters and tease out the following;

  •  Definitions of all things digi - digitization, digitalization, digital transformation
  •  Overview of the 4 levels of value within the data and analytics space today
  •  5 blockchain partnerships and innovations changing the food landscape
  • 6 examples of machine learning & artificial intelligence being put into action
Can you DIg(itize) It_ Book Final.png

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