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DecisionNext Careers

Analytics Consultant

Published by Travis Martin January 30, 2019


Job Description: The primary responsibility of an Analytics Consultant ("SuperUser") is to ensure our clients get the maximum value from DecisionNext software. This could include performing analysis inside and outside of DecisionNext software, training client end-users, and assisting with change management as our software is adopted. In addition to the primary consulting responsibilities, additional responsibilities may include sales consulting and product strategy.

Principal accountabilities:

  • Helping our clients use DecisionNext software and ensuring clients get the maximum value out of DecisionNext software
  • Using DecisionNext software to assist the client’s business goals
  • Status reporting to both clients and DecisionNext leadership
  • Determine when assistance from other DecisionNext resources is necessary and properly handle those handoffs to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Build deep relationships and trust with clients – develop a true partnership
  • Identify opportunities for expansions and further sales at existing clients
  • Renewal of both software and service contracts with existing clients
  • Help to build the DecisionNext business in APAC by supporting product development and refinement, building new business offerings, identifying new markets and potential clients

Key Deliverables:

  • Relevant reports, analysis, and recommendations for clients
  • Progress reports for clients and DecisionNext leaders
  • Bug reports and feature requests
  • Handoff reports when action by other DecisionNext resources is required
  • Input into roadmaps for implementation

Minimum requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree from competitive university
  • Demonstrated excellence in a field, which may be academic, work, or athletic
  • Strong experience with some kind of quantitative or statistical analysis
  • Experience with Excel, Stata, R, Matlab, Python, or similar
  • Understanding of basic statistics including standard deviation, confidence intervals, histograms, scatter plots, time series, correlation, etc.

Bonus experience:

  • Experience in the mining or natural resources industry – the challenges, nuances and personalities. Exposure to pricing theory a bonus
  • Project management, software implementation, or consulting experience
  • Experience with time series modelling, econometrics, or quantitative valuation or pricing methodologies

Personal attributes:

  • Fundamental curiosity about our business, our clients’ businesses, and the world we live in
  • Analytical rigor – the ability to analyse data and draw insights to support client decision-making
  • Technology savvy – understands technology and has a passion for it.
  • Able to quickly build a deep understanding of the DecisionNext SaaS software
  • Problem-solver – able to tenaciously attack difficult problems and come up with creative solutions to get the job done
  • Team player – focus on success of the organisation through identifying opportunities for both the projects you work on and other parts of DecisionNext’s business
  • Comfortable with significant client interaction and interest in building relationships
  • Comfortable with diplomatically challenging and pushing our clients
  • Passion for coaching or mentoring others
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, both verbally and in written English
  • Self-starter – able to work autonomously for long stretches of time while still maintaining good communication with team members located outside of Singapore
  • Go getter – entrepreneurial mindset, always on the lookout for new opportunities and able to convert these
  • Meticulous – high attention to detail
  • Partnership mindset – able to create trust and build relationships with clients
  • Strong communication skills that allow you to “command the room”

Location: Singapore

About DecisionNext: DecisionNext is a dynamic technology company established to help organisations improve their visibility into commodity markets and make more informed decisions. Normally organisations make commodity based decisions using forecasts but really what they need to know is the likelihood of price fluctuations including the possible downside. While you can keep an eye on movements in the market it is difficult to adjust forecasts based on your “gut”. This is where DecisionNext comes in – DecisionNext will give organisations visibility to market risks by providing a range of possible outcomes not just a single price. Using a human + machine model, DecisionNext allows organisations to add their own view of the market into the platform. DecisionNext helps users transform data into forecasts and forecasts into recommendations that business leaders can act on. DecisionNext utilises emerging technology to create a dynamic forecasting tool that calculates business risk from market risk and enables prescriptive analytics to transform industries. It is a game changer. DecisionNext is actively seeking accomplished talent to help transform the way commodity organisations do business.


How to Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to and we will be in touch.