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Bringing Analytics to Industry

Published by decisionnext October 19, 2015

By: John Crouch

In my experience, there are three crucial questions that an executive needs to be confident in answering, before committing their organization to analytics transformation - especially as it relates to working with an outside software partner.

  1. "Does their math fit our business?"
  2. "Do their people understand our business"
  3. "Can our people consistently understand and interpret what the software is recommending?"

If any of these questions can't be answered with a confident "yes", then the likelihood of a successful project are low. Three strong "yeses" confirms that not only are the models appropriate to the task, and the people positioned for success, but that there will be applied, not just theoretical performance.

As an analytics provider I've learned that our success comes from foreseeing these concerns and designing a process for rigorously proving each of them to the satisfaction of our clients. These three tests drive client success -- and there aren’t any shortcuts.

This journey begins by earning the confidence of our client's leadership team, who in turn need to commit the time, resources and trust – and when they do this they reap big rewards.

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