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3 Questions to Ponder for the Visionary Meat Executive

Published by Travis Martin May 15, 2019

With 30+ years in the industry, Bill Rupp knows a thing or two about guiding a meat company into the future. From the floor of the packing plant to his days leading Cargill Meat Solutions & JBS Beef USA, his experience holds serious merit.

In our recent interview series, Bill asked 3 bold questions of leaders as they envision the future of the meat industry, and the greater food value chain.

Listen to the full interview:

1. How do you look beyond singular transactions and capture value by aligning up and down the value chain?

Customer relationships and partnerships are ripe for digital disruption. Rather than operating in silos, suppliers must open the doors of opportunity and discover where alignment makes sense and will expand margins for all parties.


2. How is your business making decisions as market conditions constantly change around them?

Market dynamics, inventory, and price points created a jigsaw puzzle of epic proportions. Your team is doing its best to juggle in-demand cuts vs. out-of-demand cuts that are all perishable while market prices move in the background. How are they being successful?

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3. Are you using technology to optimize revenue in the meat case & satisfy consumers voting with their pocketbooks?

The sheer magnitude of data from harvest to consumer sale is enormous. Humans are unable to sort through and prioritize value to what is most important. Significant trends are hiding in plain sight if technologies aren’t being implemented.

As Bill noted, “It’s a fun business but complex, and to try and do it without machine learning tools seems foolish to me”

To hear all of Bill’s insights, listen here. The opportunities for beef operations are plenty and those who move first will realize margin expansion from their next-level purchasing, pricing, and sales decisions. Don’t be left out.


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