In the first round of observable changes since the acquisition, Amazon lowered the price of two core meat items at Whole Foods: ground beef and chicken breasts.

This should serve as a giant flashing neon sign to the entire meat supply chain that Amazon is now in the game.

The retail food business is ~$750 billion and Jeff Bezos is not one to be content with a small piece of the pie, Amazon’s $13.5 billion acquisition of Whole Foods is just the beginning.

When Amazon enters a segment, the effects are felt by suppliers, competitors, and consumers. As you prepare to compete, supply, and/or partner with Amazon, let’s look at the business model & ideology of Amazon and how it might influence their approach to the food sector.

In this white paper you will find:

  • Key takeaways about Amazon’s approach to dominating new segments
  • Three steps to thrive in the Amazon era
  • What retailers should expect from this new competitor
  • What meat processors should expect from this new customer